Server Virtualization

Successfully Virtualize Your Environment Quickly and Effectively


Virtualize your servers with practical and innovative processes and tools. 

Are you looking to move from one platform to another?

Challenged with virtualizing servers in a timely fashion that doesn’t lead to virtual sprawl?

Having troubles with your change management efforts and organizational readiness around virtualization?

At Synnefo, we have a proven track record of helping organizations successfully migrate from physical to virtual environments on schedule and on budget — regardless of the complexity. Our clients have come to trust us because of our flexibility, our resourcefulness, our ability to provide successful alternatives and our ability to see the project through to the finish line. In fact, some industry-leading technology manufacturers have adopted our processes.

We work with clients to unify their organization and ensure all key elements of your cloud computing environment are communicated well to the business, technical and executive-level management. We ensure your journey to the cloud is seamless, effective and efficient.

Overcoming Challenges to Successfully Virtualize

Synnefo-Site-Services-Call-Outs-14NEW.pngAre you having trouble getting your employees and/or business leaders to agree to outages and scheduling them? How are you messaging your virtualization projects internally? Are your projects getting stalled due to change management and business unit communication challenges?

We have a team of experienced consultants who develop creative solutions for situations that would normally cause migration projects to stall. Our proprietary toolset and runbooks help ensure smooth and accelerated migration of application workloads, from physical to virtual or virtual to virtual. We also offer 24/7 migration scheduling, which allows us to work whenever you need us. Synnefo’s migration services are unmatched in quality and reliability, yet cost efficient so we can compete with and beat offshore alternatives. 

Synnefo-Site-Services-Call-Outs-15.pngPreparation Is One of the Keys to Our (Your) Success

We do our homework. We anticipate and predict potential problems before they happen with our advanced set-up and preparation techniques. We ensure that when the day of migration happens, we can be prepared for workarounds or other creative solutions to problems that may occur unexpectedly. We believe that 30 minutes of upfront research can save our clients hours upon hours on the backend—the difference between success and failure. Our depth and breadth of experience in varied skill sets from programming to databases helps you address different issues that may arise.

Server Virtualization Services

Physical to physical (P2P)

Physical to virtual (P2V) migrations

Virtual to virtual (V2V) migrations


Virtual to physical (V2P) migrations

Physical to physical (P2P) migrations

Assessment, planning and execution

Change and communication management

Post-migration support