Resident Talent Leasing

Find Quality Talent to Augment to Your Team

Overcome the challenges associated with acquiring
the right talent at the right time for the right project. 

Are you looking for quality talent who knows the latest technologies
to cover when your staff is taking time off?

Having a tough time finding the right talent for short- or long-term projects?

Do you need extra hands or someone who knows a specific skill?

At Synnefo, we have a team of professionals ready to go to help you
find talent and keep your projects on track.

Highly-Skilled and Trained Professionals


We lease our best talent as resident experts. We have highly-skilled and experienced professionals who can provide the know-how and have the technical skillset required to successfully build, migrate and run your IT environments. 

Why Residencies?

Our residencies and staff augmentation engagements vary in length from short-term to long-term. They are surprisingly cost-effective, in comparison to traditional outside consulting services. Our residents are screened by your key personnel for skill and fit. In essence, they effectively become a part of your team, under the control of your management teams. 

Synnefo Site_Call Out_TopTier-11.pngEnterprise, Mission-Critical and Top-Tier Experience

Our residencies are delivered by consultants with enterprise-level experience in top-tier data centers and environments. Every consultant is certified in their technical domain and carries one or more relevant industry accreditations. Our professionals have successfully delivered enterprise-level results in mission-critical, high-availability environments.

Synnefo-Site-Services-Call-Outs-12.pngTypes of Residencies

Regardless of the technology or discipline, if our clients have an IT skills gap, we will help them address it. 

Some of our recent resident projects have included:

Managing a client’s converged infrastructure environment

Helping with the deployment and operations of VMware applications like vCOPs and vCAC

Operating and managing a client’s VDI environment

Filling a short-term resource need on a client’s enterprise security team