End User Computing


Successfully Mobilize Your Workforce and Supply Chain

Ensure your end-users have the flexibility, mobility and productivity they need and want

Are you looking to successfully implement a virtualized end-user computing environment?

How is your company mobilizing your workforce and ensuring your end-users adopt your programs?

What does it mean to your employees when logging into a system remotely and your partners who make your supply chain successful?

At Synnefo, we understand what end-user computing success looks like. 

End User Computing Is More Than VDI and MDM


Synnefo-Site-Services-Call-Outs-8.pngHow does your company blend mobility into its workflow without sacrificing employee productivity? Is your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment living up to your expectations? Have you optimized your application placement strategy but not your application consumption model?

End-user computing today is being driven by the business and the end-users who want enhanced flexibility, mobility and productivity. They want IT to work on the device they are on at the location they are at. There are no second chances to make a good first impression with end users because they will go elsewhere to get what they need.

We understand end-user computing is more than just VDI and mobile device management (MDM). Employees want choices of devices and applications. End-user computing is an extension of your business operations and strategy.

We have experience with thousands of applications so we can provide you with knowledge of what end-user computing should look like at your organization and how to get end-user computing projects right from the start.


Synnefo-Site-Services-Call-Outs-9.pngCloud Management and Orchestration Services

How does a company drive new technologies into the workplace and get acceptance by the end-users? Today’s workforce is not stuck behind a desk. They are mobile and want to access their information at home, at work and on the go.

How do you ensure your end-user computing attracts new talent and drives employee productivity? We have services that can provide you with quick proof of concepts or pilots of Windows 7 or VDI projects. 



VDI planning, designing and implementation 

Application presentation 

Application Packaging 

Microsoft Windows 7 plan, design, migration and deployment

System center configuration management 

Tools for core systems management

End-user computing architect, design, plan and implementation

Active Directory

Systems management

Software programming scripting