Cloud Management And Orchestration

Jumpstart Your Cloud Computing Projects

 Quickly gain the value you (and your business) expect from the cloud

Synnefo-Site-Services-Call-Outs-1.pngDo you have cloud computing projects in progress that have been going on too long and with little progress to show?

Have you deployed converged infrastructure and cloud computing software but managing them has become a challenge?
Integrated Services
Have you invested a lot in your IT but you don’t know whether to change course or abandon the project altogether?

At Synnefo, our commitment is to the process, not the product. We listen to your specific needs and provide you with succinct action plans that drive immediate returns to the business.

We provide you with an operational roadmap and manual to ensure your cloud or converged environments are integrated and in sync with your IT modernization or IT transitional efforts.

We work with clients to unify their organization and ensure all key elements of your cloud computing environment are communicated well to the business, technical and executive-level management. We ensure your journey to the cloud is seamless, effective and efficient.

Helping You Connect The Dots

Leading Cloud Solution

Are you leery of vendors trying to sell you more IT equipment or software when you are still trying to derive value from what you already have? Are you struggling with what success looks like in the cloud? Do you know what quality cloud management and orchestration looks like?

We have worked with hundreds of different enterprise cloud environments so we know what is unique to your environment and what challenges you are facing. We have become known in the industry by leading cloud solution providers for development and advisory services. We are proficient in Scrum and use it as a framework to be fast and agile so can help you quickly gain the value you (and the business) expects from your cloud computing environments.

Cloud Management and Orchestration Services

Business and technical readiness workshops

Planning and design of private and hybrid clouds, and distributed data centers

Trusted advisor to executive management

Workflow and blueprint deliverable services, including software workflows for technical orchestration,
operational readiness, Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS)

Architect validation and selection

Operational Jumpstarts and clean and crisp handovers